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Are you frustrated by your current broadband speed and reliability?


Have you heard about the world’s fastest rural broadband being made available by B4RN ( Broadband 4 the Rural North) to parishes around us? 


Are you interested in finding out more and would consider having this world class service delivered directly to your home?


Read on......

B4PR (Broadband 4 Preston Richard) is a local initiative led by Scott Mitchell and a team of volunteers to extend this hyper fast broadband network throughout our parish directly into your home.


Why change to the B4RN network?   - It provides unlimited usage at a speed of 1,000Mbps (One Thousand Mega Bits per second) which is more than 40 times faster than other super-fast broadband by installing fibre optic cable directly into each house.


It can be used for all internet activity such as working from home, shopping, watching films, TV, Games, Skype and helping with children's homework. Upload speed is as fast as download speed and does not slow down if there are multiple users in the house using the internet simultaneously. 


Yes we know the next question - How much does it cost?

  • There is a one-off connection fee of £150 wherever you live in the parish. 
  • The monthly charge is £30. 
  • For an optional charge of £8 per month you can use it for all phone calls, and then cancel your landline but still keep your existing number. 
  • Overall the cost of broadband and phone package is about the same as BT but many times faster!

If you would like more information visit the Broadband 4 Preston Richard (B4PR) website:-


And join Scott's Broadband 4 Preston Richard Facebook Group (B4PR):-


To enable Scott to get this initiative off the ground he needs to provide B4RN with a list of homes who would consider having this service connected to their homes. So if you think you may be interested in having your home connected directly to this hyper fast broadband service, register your interest with no obligation by clicking on the link below:-


If you have any questions or would like to help in any way please use the comments box at the bottom of the B4PR web page or email Scott directly :




For a list of your councillors or the clerks details:


Click here for more information.

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